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De.cypher was created on the traditional lands of the Seminole, Tocobaga, Timucua, Shawnee, Miami, Wyandotte, Ojibwe, Odawa, Bodewadmi, Tewa, Tongva, Gabrielino, and Lenape People.

We acknowledge that the various spaces we used to manifest our work are the traditional lands of the Seminole/Tocobaga/Timucua (Central FL), Shawnee/Miami/  Wyandotte (Central OH), Ojibwe/Odawa/Bodewadmi (Chicago-Greater IL),

Tewa (Santa Fe), Tongva/Gabrielino (Los Angeles),

and Lenape (New York City) People.

We hope to continue learning how to become better stewards of this land we inhabit and plan to continue using as a resource. 

We honor the earth itself and we recognize the Indigenous people who have stewarded these lands through many generations.


Rielle Li

 Model - Photographer- Creative Director



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Ep. 3 - alt Option.jpg
Rielle Li

Zantino Bustos

Choreographer - COLORS ONLY Creator 

Creative Contributor


Headshot 1.jpg

Rielle Li x Colors Only

A celebration of women of color of all ages of adulthood, shapes and sizes. Colors Only is meant to encourage and empower women of color to embrace their sexuallity and natural divine beauty through erotica art.  


Historically a majority of Art & Erotica art in America has been viewed from a white male perspective. We are taking away the male gaze and creating an artistic space  that allows women to be themselves the way they choose to express it. Women creatives, directors, photographers and artists all come together to create something magical that's never been done before. 


IG: @colorsonlyeroticabooks


Yael "YaYa" Reich

 Multi-Dimensional Creative - Musician - Artist

Composer [¥^¥^Music]


img_9971 2.JPG
Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 3.47.05 PM.png
IMG_5789 2.jpg
00:00 / 03:10
BIRTH OF THIS MESS (underscore)YaYaMusic
00:00 / 02:21
"So Too Does the Earth"YaYaMusic
00:00 / 03:50


LineWork Art

(soon moving to @yayaworldwiiiiide)

Park Slope Moms


SMILE Album Cover.jpg

Shireen Alihaji

 Artist - Daughter - Aunt

Consulting Producer 

Photo by: Denise Villegas

Charia Rose

 Writer - Filmmaker - Educator

Directing Consultant


Charia Rose.jpg

Rachel Perzynski

 Dramaturg - Educator - Editor



Abie Irabor

 Writer - Actress - Teaching Artist

Creative Contributor



In the works


Here We Are

 chapbook of poetry:

Poems He Left Me


"Letter to My Sis"Abie Irabor (feat. Tryphena Wade, LaNora Hayden) [YaYaMusic]
00:00 / 01:47

Mizz June

 C.E.O - Musician - Actress

Creative Contributor



A word from Mizz June

First I'd like to thank my friends, my living loved ones, my ancestors, my Orishas, and Yahweh for getting me to this point.

I'd like to thank Ayla Sullivan and Jack Dorfman for their hard work, care, and attention on this video [F*CK THAT]

and throughout the entire process. Thank you for putting up with my weirdo artist ass, lol. 

I'd like people to support their company Shift23 Media, because they're doing big things and they deserve all the accolades. 

I'd also like to thank Donnie Joachim and Greg Newton  (aka The Male Gayze) of BGSQD ( one of NYC's few radical volunteer Queer bookstores and art event spaces open to all that's at risk due to the pandemic. 

Last but certainly not Dawta Bl3ssing Oshun-Ra for just being an amazing human being on and off set. MUVA LUH YOOOOOU !!


Rat RaceMizz June
00:00 / 03:35
Anchor 1

Ayanna Bria Bakari

Actor - Singer - Artist 

3.0 Ensemble



Alvin Cobb, Jr.

Musician - Photographer - Producer 

Photographer x Musician


Alvin Cobb Jr.jpg

Special Thanks

Adobe Creative Cloud

Narda E. Alcorn

Claudia Alick

Karen Bail

Tyra Banks

Broadway Black

Broadway for Racial Justice

Colors Only

Concrete Temple Theatre

Connect the Writers LA

Owen Campbell

DePaul University

Toy DeIorio

Alesia Etinoff

Danny Fender

First Fifteen LA 

Ann Filmer 

James Fleming

The HAF Project

The Juilliard School 

Deirdre Lyons

ModelLand LA

Josh Maniglia

AJ Muhammad

NightGowns NYC

Ernie Nolan

NoMads Art Collective

William O'Connor

Okra Project

The Public Theater

Producing in Pandemic

Starling School Inc.

Sundance Film Festival

Daniel Thrasher

TMI Project: Black Trans Stories

Zivon Toplin  


Karen & Marion Wolfe III

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